American Tavern Port Jefferson, NY

Whether you are meeting friends for a drink or you want to enjoy a meal with family, TOMMY’S PLACE is the perfect place for it.

We are located in the village of Port Jefferson, New York. Drop in today!

The Perfect Restaurant

TOMMY’S PLACE serves fresh and delicious food with an assortment of drinks in a casual, walk-in setting.

Our restaurant caters to the tastes of all ages and provides the right atmosphere for a good time with family and friends. We guarantee you will enjoy every second you spend with us.

Feel free to call us for any further information.

American Tavern Port Jefferson

The right atmosphere for a good time with family and friends

Sports Bar

Are you a sports fan? Come in to watch the NFL, NHL, MLB, and OTB games and cheer your favorite team at TOMMY’S PLACE. We have 35 HD LED TVs throughout the bar showing all major matches of the season.

Our full bar offers all types of alcoholic drinks, and a selection of more than 30 craft and local beer.

Browse through our pages for more details.

American Tavern Port Jefferson

Watch all major matches of the season at TOMMY’S PLACE


  • Landmark location
  • Fine food
  • Local and craft beer
  • TVs showing sports events
  • High-energy spot
  • Impeccable service

You are in for a good time